Torre Sur is a residential development that is full of top-class features and amenities. It features various facilities that make life a comfortable and eased out one. All the various amenities offered make the property worthy of your invested savings.

It features a huge lap pool for the residents which is one of the beautiful most and largest swimming pools in the real estate industry. It features brilliant interiors as well. There is also a kid's pool accommodated in Torre Sur so that the elders can relax in this swimming pool with a calm environment whereas the kids can have a separate space to enjoy the cool waters of their separate pool.

There are a lot of open spaces featured in Torre Sur which have beautiful gazebos built for the use of the residents. These can be used by the residents as per their desire. Various beautiful gardens also make an essential inclusion of Torre Sur where lush green vegetation is seen blooming. This beautifies the property and keeps the ambiance fresh and calm.

Torre Sur believes in providing a calm environment to the kids of the property so that they can avail uninterrupted hours of concentrated studying. There is a peaceful study lounge available in Torre Sur for the usage of the kids. Again for the usage of the kids, there is a well-designed basketball court available at Torre Sur. The kids, youth, and teens of the property can enjoy elongated duration of playing this amazing sport. 

A 24x7 attended reception area is a part of Torre Sur which helps the residents and their guests with anything that they require attendance for. This ensures that the residents can be kept hassle free all throughout. All the various units, and utility zones including the reception and the entrance and exit points, are well connected by the facility of the intercom feature. 

All the various units of Torre Sur are provided with doorbells and are ready to be shifted with all the required concrete cable and internet fittings. The residential unit owners can access their apartments with smart cards which is a modern, hassle-free, and quick technique. One can immediately shift and start a new life at Torre Sur. There is also a provision for emergency power supply during power cuts.

Torre Sur is a secured community where the occupants, their guests, and their belongings, are kept in a tight security. There are CCTV cameras installed all across the property which record all the happenings of Torre Sur. There are security guards employed who monitor these recordings and maintain a firm security 24x7. The entrance and exit point of the property is also well guarded by security professionals who monitor all the incomings and outgoings. These provisions keep the property a secured establishment where residents can lead a carefree life

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Study Hall
  • 24-hour reception
  • Intercom and doorbell system
  • Standby generator
  • Wi-Fi and cable ready
  • CCTV cameras
  • Smart card access
  • 24-hour security
  • Well-lit vicinity
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